Naomi Loomis

Naomi Loomis was born in Columbus, Ohio and developed a strong work ethic at a young age.

Naomi Loomis enjoying Huntington Beach

Naomi Loomis spent some time with her kids in the sand while vacationing at Huntington Beach.

At age 15 she did not have many hobbies as she spent most of her time working to save money for college. Despite working many hours at her part-time job, she still managed to graduate in the top 2% of her 500+ member graduating class at Grove City High School. She then enrolled at Ohio State University (OSU). Once in university, she continued to devote most of her free time to working to pay for her classes. In 1995, she was one of the few grads to achieve cum laude honors.

After graduating from OSU and completing an internship in Columbus, Naomi Loomis became a researcher and advocate for osteoporosis prevention.

Naomi Loomis in Anaheim

Many years ago, she took a trip with her daughter Taylor to Anaheim.

She would hold multiple positions in Columbus before moving to Orlando, Florida. As her career continued in Orlando, she established herself as an expert in female hormone replacement and built a business from nothing to more than $26 million in revenues over a 7-year period.

Naomi Loomis has two kids, Taylor (16) and Evan (15), and she also takes care of Stan’s five children: Kristi (39), Traci (33), Robbie (24), Wesley (17), and Logan (17). The Loomis family is very close and the youngest five travel with Naomi and Stan to distant locations such as Rome, Italy; Cancun, Mexico; and the British Virgin Islands. In fact, Naomi has been to the British Virgin Islands 13 times and plans to visit many more times in the future.

Additionally, she is an avid motorcyclist, traveling with her husband to many annual biking events throughout Florida. Other hobbies include supporting her children’s school, The First Academy, reading John Grisham books, and following the Ohio State football and basketball teams.

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